Lead With Impact

As you LEAD, lead with impact, make a difference. Don’t just develop a movement but also an improvement. As you INSPIRE, create a solid rock foundation of values, principles and ideals that Inspire a generation to rise to greatness, to rise above social norms and set standards for society and future generations.

As you MOTIVATE, develop a sense of common purpose of all round success that rises above risk, for a journey of fulfilling successes begins with one risk. As you COACH, identify, develop, grow and nurture talents; applaud the improvement in setting standards for a generation rising to greatness through taking greater risks for fulfilling success. That is why it is never about what, but whom.

Every day, you need to make a CHOICE. Do you want to be CELEBRATED or TOLERATED? As much as you believe in yourself, also believe in what you are doing and how you are doing it. Keep working on yourself and what you are doing because both of you are work in progress, make both of you different, better and best.

The journey of becoming me begun years ago. To my MENTORS, ROLE MODELS, COACHES and LEADERS, it is a particular honour to have been guided by you to wear my rightful shoes. My humble gratitude for your motivation and inspiration. I have learnt so much, I have grown so much, I have done so much, but there is so much more to learn, to grow and to be done. This is bound by the global burdens of challenges and adversities we face as a generation.

Life is raising and changing. Cynicism, uncertainty, doubt fear, hopelessness among other vices are arresting our generation. Thank you for forming me to stand in the gap, and actively partake in saving our generation from the point of no return. This requires transformative thinking and action to make a positive difference, that is to lead with impact. I encourage all of you to step into the light of inspiration to lead, inspire, motivate and coach from the heart.